Adonit Note - UVC Stylus perfect for creativity on a cleaner canvas. For iPad Air / iPad Pro / iPad Mini 5gn and newer models


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Adonit Note - UVC Stylus perfect for creativity on a cleaner canvas. For iPad Air / iPad Pro / iPad Mini 5gn and newer models
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24.500 KD VAT Excluded

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  • WORLD'S FIRST EPA APPROVED STYLUS: Adonit Note UVC is the 1st Environmental Protection Agency approved stylus pen that meets the requirement of germicidal, anti-bacteria effect while being safe to the user.
  • FLIP EYE PROTECTION: Adonit has the Exclusive design of Flip Eye Protection Technology. Rotate the UVC light 180 degrees upward and the light will immediately turn OFF to protect the eyes of the user and people around at all times.
  • LED UVC GERMICIDAL LIGHT: Adonit NOTE UVC has two built-in, ultraviolet lights and is graded as professional UVC Sanitizers using UVC 270 -280mm wavelength range to directly kill various germs and bacteria. To sterilize, just hold on the power button for about 3 secs and UVC leds will turn on - use for 1 minute.
  • No need to connect to Bluetooth, Simply hit the "ON" button Of Adonit NOTE UVC and write away immediately. It's that simple!
  • Compatible with iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad mini 5th Gen, iPad 7/6 Gen, iPad Pro 3rd/4th Gen, 11" & 12.9"
  • NATIVE PALM REJECTION: After disinfecting your iPad, you can rest your palm comfortably on the screen while you write or draw. Adonit Note UVC works for 12 Hrs or 30 times (1 min each) for UVC light sterilization.


The Adonit Note-UVC stylus with germicidal lights provides a disinfection tool for people who are worried about their iPad, tablets, phones with virals. It also works with an extensive variety of Apps, or you can just make notes directly on PDF files. Let it take care of remembering the little things. With pixel-perfect precision, you can write or draw pictures as small as ants. The Adonit Note - UVC is ultra responsive and feels natural to use.

*Palm rejection. *Click on stylus function *UVC Germicidal Light *UVC Light Power-off, Overturn Protection

Brand Adonit
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