Bold Smart Lock - Copper


59.000 KD

Bold Smart Lock - SX - 65 Smart Cylinder Lock - Silver
Bold Smart Lock - SX - 65 Smart Cylinder Lock - Silver
32.500 KD
65.000 KD (50% OFF)
Bold Smart Lock
Bold Smart Lock
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55.000 KD (50% OFF)

Bold Smart Lock - Copper
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59.000 KD VAT Excluded

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Live smarter without fussing with keys. You can do it!

The Bold Smart Lock is a smart lock that - thanks to Bluetooth - is completely keyless. Install the lock in no time. Assure yourself of the safest lock with SKG*** certification. So you can manage and secure all your belongings with ease - wherever you are.

Unlock a keyless life
To make things even easier, we've developed 'auto activation'. You don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket, because the lock recognises you when you're at the door. Forgotten your phone? No problem. Just use your chosen PIN code and you're in.

Size does matter
Choose a Bold Smart Lock that fits your door exactly. How do you know which one you need? That depends on your current lock. So first you have to measure it. You can do this in a few easy steps:

  • look at the screw of your current cylinder on the side of your door
  • measure the (inside and outside) size of your current cylinder - from the centre of the screw

Bold SX-33

For the Bold Smart Lock SX-33 the maximumcylinder length from the screw to the outside is 45 mm.
Check? Now the inside. Measured from the screw, the maximum internal dimension of the cylinder is 35 mm.

Brand Bold
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