HOTO Compressed Air Capsule, 4-in-1


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Hoto Car Wash Kit Outdoor - Yellow
Hoto Car Wash Kit Outdoor - Yellow
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HOTO Compressed Air Capsule, 4-in-1
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  • Powerful 15000Pa Suction Power: Equipped with a brushless motor, the HOTO Compressed Air Capsule provides powerful suction of 15,000Pa. Effectively sucks up pet hair and dust debris in desktop, digital devices, car crevices. Vacuum sealing function enables you to optimize storage space and free up more room for other belongings.
  • 500L/min High-Speed Air Duster: With a high-speed air pump generating a remarkable airflow of 500L/min, the HOTO Compressed Air Capsule offers rapid inflation capabilities. In just 2 minutes, you can inflate an inflatable kayak or camping equipment with ease. The air flow blows at a speed of 22m/s, making keyboard cleaning effortless and reaching narrow spaces a breeze.
  • 4-in-1 Work Station: Experience the convenience of vacuuming, blowing, inflating, and vacuum sealing in one versatile device. The HOTO Compressed Air Capsule simplifies your cleaning routine with its multifunctionality, providing a comprehensive solution for all your cleaning needs.
  • Portable & Durable: The one-button design of the HOTO Compressed Air Capsule allows for easy control of switching on/off and setting high/low modes. Its long-lasting 1900mAh battery ensures extended usage while traveling, avoiding the need to carry multiple devices. Weighing only 0.78 lbs, can be effortlessly stored and transported wherever you go.
  • Versatile Accessories: 1 x Vacuum Deflating Connector, 1 x Short Air Valve, 1 x Swim Ring Air Valve, 1 x Long Air Valve, 1 x Dust Cup, 1 x Movable Brush Vacuum Head, 1 x Type-C Cable. *When vacuuming, be sure to insert the dust cup first and refrain from using other attachments to vacuum directly.

Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner and Electric Pump HOTO QWCXJ001, 1900 mAh

HOTO QWCXJ001 is a mini handheld vacuum cleaner and electric pump in one. Included in the set are attachments that will help you clean various, even hard-to-reach places and surfaces such as crevices in the car, computer, or keyboard. The brush attachment will allow you to easily clean your pet's fur, and the inflating attachment will be fantastic during holidays when you want to inflate a ring, mattress, or raft.

High Power

HOTO QWCXJ001 offers a suction power of 15000 Pa, which will allow you to effectively clean various surfaces - desk, car upholstery, carpet, etc. Sand, fur, dust, or crushed sweets stand no chance against the HOTO vacuum cleaner! But that's not all - with this universal device, you can also blow out dust and dirt from various crevices, as well as inflate various products e.g. swimming rings, rafts, or relaxation mattresses. The blowing power is 22m/s, and the pumping speed is 500l/min.

Multiple Filters

The HOTO vacuum cleaner uses high-density HEPA filters that are reusable - you can remove them from the device and clean them, saving money on buying new ones.

Vacuum Packing

With the help of HOTO QWCXJ001, you can not only vacuum and inflate items but also vacuum pack with the help of the included connector. Save space at home and vacuum pack your winter duvet or jacket.

Easy to Use

The vacuum cleaner is very easy to use - it has only one button, and the attachments are very easy to exchange. Additionally, the device is compact - measuring only 55x56x163.5mm and weighing 356g, making it fit into a backpack or car compartment and will be almost imperceptible.

Brand HOTO
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