OtterBox Alpha Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8/7 (77-54010)
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OtterBox Alpha Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8/7 (77-54010)

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Keeping Your Device Protected Everyday
The OtterBox alpha glass screen protector has a structure that preserves the vibrant color, resonance and clarity of your screen with virtually no distortion, so you can enjoy the brilliance of each and every pixel. The concentrated elastic bonding in the breakthrough material eliminates the friction that causes drag, giving you the exact same touch-sensitivity and glide as the naked screen itself.

Full Screen Coverage
The Precision tampered glass screen protector is made with specially processed glass to protect the screen of your device from drops, shocks and scratches by effectively absorbing the impact. The tampered glass freely navigate your device, with the same responsiveness you have come to expect. It features ultra-tough protection which is harder than steel for maximum scratch protection.

Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector
An anti-fingerprint screen protector is a sheet of transparent material that limits scratches to a screen, resists smudging, and fingerprints. For devices with touch screens or small screens that are likely to be handled, like that of a cell phone, the anti-fingerprint protection can keep the screen cleaner and clearer.

Easy Application
Now you can apply your screen protector fast and easy, because the included Exact Align Frame takes the guesswork out. The frame aligns the screen protector to your screen so precisely; you will not be able to tell it is there. And when the application is done, simply discard the frame.