Black Eye Pro Tele X3 Lens for Smartphones (TE002)
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Black Eye Pro Tele X3 Lens for Smartphones (TE002)

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Add flavor to mobile photos
Take your Instagram photos to the next level with the Black Eye PRO Tele X3 TE002 Camera Lens for Smartphones. Great for shooting both portraits and scenery shots, this camera lens turns your mobile phone camera into a powerful photography machine.

Mobile device compatible
This telephoto lens for smartphones clips to any mobile phone, laptop and tablet camera in a snap through the Universal Clip attachment system. Simply attach it to your device even while on the go and start shooting objects that grab your attention. Get instantly beautiful photos without the hassle of setting up your lens.

Crystal clear results
The Pro Tele 3X Smarthphone Lens has triple coated hand polished glass to capture colors in their most authentic shade and prevent unwanted reflection. Enjoy vivid reds and cool blues with no desaturation – images are captured in their best light.

Front and back camera use
From wide angle selfies and portraiture to impressive landscape photos – you can shoot subjects you are passionate about in this versatile telephoto lens for smartphones. This adaptable lens can be used for back and front cameras with beautiful results. It also works with devices with dual lens.

Subjects that stand out
Engage your audience and social media followers with photos that tell a story. This smartphone camera lens gives images a shallower depth of field so subjects naturally shine. Using this tool, you can level up your smartphone photography game with images with notable depth and clarity.

Beautiful shots on the go
The Black Eye PRO telephoto lens is easy to store in your purse of bag. It’s a convenient tool for capturing impressive photos without the bulk of professional photography equipment. Simply use it with your photo to take travel photos you will cherish for a long time. It is also handy to have in your bag to capture moments as they happen.

39° angle of view
Gives images shallower depth of field
60mm equivalent in 35mm format
Can be used with front and rear camera
Works with dual lens devices