Black Eye 20-26mm HD Wide Angle Combo 2 IN 1 Lens Set - Black (CM002)
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Black Eye 20-26mm HD Wide Angle Combo 2 IN 1 Lens Set - Black (CM002)

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19.900 KD

Combination of HD Wide Angle & HD Macro Lens
Combining two of our top selling lenses, the HD Wide Angle and HD Macro into one package makes the HD Combo a “must have” product for all mobile photographers. The combo pack gives you multiple image options all in a small perfect package at an amazing price.

Gives Perfect Shot
Take a unique view of landscapes, architecture and interiors. Exploit the relationship between foreground and background, and create powerful images that are filled with drama.

Tiny and Easy to Use
Black Eye 20-26mm HD Wide Angle 2IN1 Lens Set (CM002) - Black can be plugged into your phone directly, while it can also work as a standalone device. You can connect it to other smartphones with a transfer cable as well.

Two Lens options all in one package
160° angle of view with the HD Wide Angle
15x closeness with the HD macro
20-26mm focus distance with the HD Macro
Double coated hand polished glass produces natural colors
Ideal for FaceTime, Skype and video calls
Universal clip attachment system
Can be used with front and rear camera
Works with dual lens devices